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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Leaf Mod

I found this mod while getting my daily fix of gadget tech goodness over at Engadget. MDF!! Really! And is that a zip tie I see? Come on people. MDF is used in a lot of products these days, but rarely is it left raw. The Leaf is an awesome vehicle with some great tech … Continue reading »

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Wacom Inkling

Old school drawing meets new school tech I’ve always been a fan of the pen input device. I’ve had the opportunity to try a few but was never completely sold on them. Something about the disconnect between where I was drawing and where the line is displayed, on screen. That is why this new device from … Continue reading »

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Glue and Fuses

Let’s explore how people choose which to use. Function over Physics Do you need to know how glue is made in order to create a sound woodworking joint?   Probably not. I know some will argue that the best woodworking joint require no glue, but for the sake of this discussion, stick with me {pun … Continue reading »

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Status Update 0.0.1

Hello World! This statement may strike some of you in a “this guy isn’t as grandiose as he thinks he is” light but let me explain a bit. Those familiar with programming will recognize “Hello World” as their very first output message. The first confirmation that they CAN do this new thing they are trying. … Continue reading »

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Embracing tech by encasing it in wood

This great example of merging wood and technology comes from the good folks over at Design Milk. Objects of Another Age by Eva Rielland shows how the fear of technology can be overcome by integrating it into a comfortable medium, a lightly stained warm wood system of cases. Visit the link to see the beautiful pieces. Being … Continue reading »

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